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Some background information:

Classes: Honors Animal Science and Animal Science
The chickens that are currently in the incubator hatched on 4/27-4/28
Ducks and geese will be hatching on 5/4-5/6 and the camera will be moved inside the upright incubator on 5/4.
Chickens will be hatching next week on 5/10-5/12
Ducks/geese will be hatching 5/18-5/20
Then, back to the farm they go! 
Thank you to Hazelridge Acres, Richmond. IL for the hatching eggs!

Common questions/answers---
Where are the eggs from? The eggs are from Hazel ridge acres-- they take them back afterwards or sometimes some of our students are able to take a few home
How long do they incubate for? The chicken eggs incubate for 20-21 days and the geese/ducks for 28-32 days before hatching
Will you have the colored chicks again? No sorry-- we did not dye any fun colors this year (#covid) and being way behind in our curriculum- maybe next year!
Why are the babies still in the incubator?The babies need to stay in the incubator for about 24 hours to dry off. Are they starving? No- they are not starving-- the day before they hatch they eat up all the yolk and albumen in the egg so they are full of food/water.
One is still not out of the egg, can you help them? Sometimes-- unfortunately-- some do not make it out of the egg. Some miscarriage/abort during the process, some just struggle to hatch. We will sometimes assist them but our goal is to let them do the hatching-- that is how mother nature designed them. If they are not making it out for some reason or another, it is rare that they will make it long term after we pull them out. 
Why does hatching take so long? that is how it works, it can be hours after peeping to hatch.
Happy viewing!

Candice Franks
Badger High School

Agriscience Instructor | FFA Advisor


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