AP European History

The study of European history since 1450 A.D. introduces students to cultural, economic, political, and social developments that played a fundamental role in shaping the world in which they live. Without this knowledge, we would lack the context for understanding the development of contemporary institutions, the role of continuity and change in present-day society and politics, and the evolution of current forms of artistic expression and intellectual discourse. In addition to providing a basic narrative of events and movements, goals of the course are to develop: a) an understanding of some of the principal themes in modern European history, b) an ability to analyze historical evidence and historical interpretation, and c) an ability to express historical understanding in writing. Students taking this course are expected to take the Advanced Placement Exam.

AP European History is intended for students who are looking to challenge themselves when fulfilling their sophomore World History requirement or have an interest in continuing their knowledge of history as an upperclassman. The student body of this course consists of any of the following three groups. Students who have taken, and succeeded, at AP Human Geography during their freshman year. Students who have exceeded the expectations of World Cultures at their freshman year. Any Juniors/Seniors that have shown a passion for history throughout their high school career and have been successful in their prior Social Studies classes.

Students will gain a full understanding of European History and the historical events, people, and movements that have shaped the world today. Students will also be exposed to college level material and course structure. There will be high stakes testing, collegiate level essay writing, and a higher learning setting. Students will gain the experience of going through a college level course. Students will leave the course with a better skill set to excel on future high stakes testing, future AP classes within Badger, and critical thinking skills for post-graduation.

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