The ACT® Test is a standardized college entrance examination that measures knowledge and skills in English, mathematics, reading/writing, and science reasoning and the application of these skills to future academic tasks.  It consists of four multiple-choice tests:

  • English 75 questions – 45 Min.

  • Math 60 questions – 60 Min.

  • Reading 40 questions – 35 Min.

  • Science 40 questions – 35 Min

The ACT® English Test consists of five passages of nonfiction prose. Each passage contains 15 questions about how it is written. Some questions ask you to choose the selection that best rephrases an underlined portion of the passage, and others ask about the passage's overall organization.

The ACT® Mathematics Test is designed to test your knowledge of the basic facts and skills taught in most high school math programs. The test utilizes various problem types, including some word problems, problems that involve reading and interpreting graphs and charts, geometry problems, trigonometry problems, and a few straightforward arithmetic and algebra problems.

The ACT® Reading Test includes four passages; one is a fictional narrative, and the others are nonfiction discussions of topics from the natural sciences, social science, and the humanities. A group of questions designed to test how well you understood each subject follows each passage.

The ACT® Science Reasoning Test includes seven passages containing several kinds of science information: data presented in the form of graphs, tables, charts, or diagrams; descriptions of experimental studies and their results; and presentations of differing theories or hypotheses about a particular scientific question. Each passage is followed by several questions that require you to understand and interpret the information presented.


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