Cross Country (G) (B)

Cross Country (G)

1st Practice

Monday, August 14


Coach Stephani Reynolds
[email protected]


Cross Country (B) 2022-2023 


1st Practice

Monday, August 14


Coach Jacob Kiefer
[email protected]


Facebook - @BadgerBoysCC
Instagram - badgerboyscc


Boys Cross Country Recommendations


Running Shoes
Gym Shorts
T-Shirt, Sleeveless, Muscle Shirt (Hotter Days)
Long Sleeve (Colder Days)
Water Bottle


Running Shoes & Spikes
Uniform (Black underneath)
Backpack or Gym Bag
Layers (Colder weather/early starts)
Extra Socks
Water Bottle

Season Rules & Requirements

Academic Eligibility

Maintain grades above the level required to participate. Runner may be excused from
the team if grades do not measure up to this standard.

Absences & Tardiness

Unexcused absences and tardies during the school day will result in missing meets.
Must be in school by 1st hour in order to practice or run in a meet.


Runners are expected to attend and complete each practice unless excused by Coach.
Runner must inform coach of any absences prior to practice time.

Injuries and Illnesses

Please inform Coach immediately. If a runner is injured we must have a doctor’s/trainer’s note. If a runner is ill, can’t practice or participate in practice or meet.


Any inappropriate behavior towards teammates, opponents, coaches, or fans during practices or meets will lead to disciplinary action or dismissal from team.  Runners are responsible for their words and actions at all times.

Travel To and From Meets

Runners will be expected to stay at the meet until the very end. Alternate transportation should be used only in very unique cases.


Parent Guide to Badger High School Cross Country:

Watching a Cross Country Meet

One of the nice aspects of cross country is that there isn’t a bench; everyone who practices gets to race. Most meets allow 8 entries on the varsity race, and unlimited number of entries in the JV race. The state series (Sectionals and State) will only allow 7 entries and an alternate. The varsity is usually set by the previous meets fastest times, but sometimes coach’s discretion is used based on previous performances, practice, and injury concerns. Simply put, we will put out our best team possible at the conference meet. Cross Country is not a sport observed from a stationary point. There are many ways for spectators to enjoy watching a race. One way is to watch the start, move to another point along the course to cheer and watch as runners pass by, move to another point of the course and finally try to make it to the finish. We often say,
“Cross Country is the only sport where the spectators work as hard as the participants”. Often times going to places where others are not is best as your vocal support really hits home. Be ready to move, be sure to wear your walking/running shoes. While Cross Country may not be the most convenient spectator sport, the support you offer by your presence is valued and appreciated by al the runners and coaches. Wear your Badger CC gear and make yourself
visible and heard!

Cross country meets are usually organized around four races, Girl’s JV, Boy’s JV, Girls’ Varsity, and Boys Varsity. The order of the races varies from meet to meet. Each race lasts around 20-30 minutes. Regardless of when your runner competes, your presence for as much of the entire meet is greatly appreciated. Meets are a great place to get know other parents, share experiences and information, and generally have a good time.


What is it?
Cross Country is a team running sport that takes place in the fall on a measured course over varied surfaces and terrain.

How is Cross Country Scored?
A Cross Country meet is scored by each team adding up the places of the top 5 finishers. As in golf, the low score wins. For example, a team that scores 32 points places ahead of a team that scores 37 points.

We like to arrive at the meet site 2 hours prior to the start of the meet. Upon arrival at the meet site the team will receive instructions from the coach, obtain course maps and proceed to warm-up by jogging and walking the racecourse. It is important at this time to allow the athletes to focus in on the task of racing. With 30 minutes remaining before race time the athletes will arrive at a designated area and start to narrow their focus, get their spikes on, and finish team warm-ups. We love having parents at the meet but this thirty minutes prior to the meet is critical for the athlete’s focus so please give them space during this time. Also, concluding a race, many runners are exhausted and might not be in the best mood, we
encourage you to use discretion on approaching them immediately after a race, 10 minutes makes all the difference in the world. 

Unlike other athletic events, cross country races are completed rather quickly.  Unlike track meets, cross-country meets generally run on schedule and do not fall behind. Therefore, it would be very important for parents and fans to NOT ARRIVE LATE! We suggest that parents and fans try to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the start of the races so they can acclimate themselves to the race site and enjoy the social aspects of the meet.



Personal best: Sometime this is referred to as a PR. This is the athlete's best time ever.

Finish Chute: the area at the finish line that the athlete enters as they complete the course. The finish chute begins at the finish line. 

Distance Training: This is the training where the athlete builds endurance and strength by running far distances. These are often the most important runs of the week.

Intervals or Repeats: This is the training where the athlete runs faster than race pace for a short distance, generally under 1/2 mile, rests and then runs again. This is and can be a very taxing workout physically and is usually followed by a workout that allows the athlete to recovery

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